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written and performed by
ROLLIN WILBER, Concert Pianist
and guest artists

Rollin has spent many years in preparation for bringing his ideas as a concert pianist into fruition. A full-scale series called "STORIES IN Concert MUSIC PERFORMANCES", created and performed by himself. Primarily for solo piano, it offers a variety of programs that combine his own musically-inspired story material with great classical music of all genres. It is another expression of his vision to share beautiful music with people.

1. "MUSICAL SECRETS" - the self-awakening of a wandering wood-worker, and concert pianist. Built upon rich music of Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, and more.

2. "ANY SIGN OF LIFE" - Russian music woven together with mystery, intrigue and passion in the world of Railroads. Deeply, penetrating Rachmaninoff; fiery Prokofieff; the unleashed ecstasies of Scriabin.

3. "CHOPIN: THE WAXING MOON" - poet, man, perplexing individual revealed through his outpouring of music. Frederic Chopin's thoughts and reflections of others are stirringly juxtaposed with his remarkable compositions.

4. "IMAGES" - vignettes heralded by the Lyric Pieces of Edward Grieg ("Butterfly", "To the Spring", etc.). Stories of nature and fancy, prompting related musical selections, connected by their inner senses of mood and feeling.

5. "THE MAGICIANS SONG" - the magician becomes the musician, who becomes the magician... levels of magic from Back to Kabalevsky.

6. "DANSE MACABRE" - supernatural suggestions, diabolical whirlwinds; the classical fantastique.

7. "THE OLDE KING COLE CONCERTO" - a tapestry of folk ballads and classical pieces, blending voice, piano, and the flute; original arrangements and unique combinations.


8. "A LEGACY OF MUSICAL WEALTH" - a living heritage revealed within a colorful recital. Musically-inspired monologues on 'relaxation from within', 'the unlimited is possible', 'music is magic'.

...especially for children...

9. "THE DIAPHANOUS DRAGON" - a melodic fantasy of a boy and an invisible dragon, set in the colorful world of Debussy, Ravel, and Tcherepnin.

10. "THE TWO SIDEKICKS" - further adventures of two children (from "DIAPHANOUS DRAGON") with their most imaginative, magical friends; leaping from a musical hurricane into a strange new place, where a single song can change a world.