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Piano Music of Gottschalk, performed by Rollin
Wilber for Academy of Natural Sciences museum show


(SCROLL DOWN to hear the musical selections performed)
From the desk of Rollin Wilber: 
I recently finished a recording project for THE ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES
OF PHILADELPHIA, for their special show "Hadrosaurus foulkii: The Dinosaur
that Changed the World" (running from November, 2008 through May 3, 2009).
I recorded six selections of piano music by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, as
fitting the ethnic and time era of the dinosaur's discovery and exhibition.
The show examines the event sociologically more than scientifically, and is
fun to see, with the reproduced Hadrosaur dramatically posed and life-sized
in the middle of the room.

The Academy is located at 19th Street and the Parkway in Philadelphia, near
the Franklin Institute. Link to the show:

Museum Hours -
Monday-Friday: 10 am - 4:30 pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 10 am - 5 pm
Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day

admission runs $8-10

These piano compositions by Louis Moreau Gottschalk were well-known "parlor
music" pieces from the mid 1800's. As these men of science were creating and
promoting their Hadrosaur, they may have listened to this music, perhaps
hearing it played by the beloved Gottschalk himself at a Philadelphia
concert. They lend an ambience authentic to this era of our history. It is
enjoyable, melodic, well-written music (The Dying Poet became one of the
most popular salon pieces in America).


What you will hear playing there (YOU CAN LISTEN TO THEM, BY SCROLLING DOWN)

MUSIC BY LOUIS MOREAU GOTTSCHALK, American pianist and composer during the
mid 1800's

"The Banjo" - grotesque fantasy, American sketch
"Le Bananier" - chanson negre
"The Dying Poet" -  meditation
"Pasquinade" -  caprice
"Le Mancenillier" - serenade
"Souvenir of Puerto Rico" -  march of the gibaros 

"PASQUINADE" - caprice

"LE BANANIER" (The Banana Tree) - chanson negre

"THE DYING POET" - meditation

"THE BANJO" - a grotesque fantasy

"LE MANCENILLIER" - serenade

"SOUVENIR DE PUERTO RICO" - march of the gibaros